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Frequently Asked Questions For Bondy Services

Q: Is their a fee for your service?
A: For the Lease Program there is NO Fees. Bondy will install, service and collect the coins. Shortly after the collection you will receive a commission check on a percentage of the amount collected.
For the Rental Program, there is a minimal fee per program. But with this machine we will install and service the machines leaving the collecting to you. This gives you total control of the money in the machines at all times. The cost of this program is fully tax deductible as a business expense.

Q: I am selling my building and I have a lease with Bondy Services, what should I do?
A: Nothing to worry about,  because the lease is on the location and not the owner. All we ask is for a simple courtesy call to inform Bondy of the change of ownership, so we can provide the same great service to the new owner. 

Q: Do you have the New Energy Star Machine?
A: Let Bondy Service update your apartments laundry room with New Energy and Water Saving equipment.

Q: How do I know Bondy Services will be around in ten years?
A: Since 1951 , Bondy Service has been providing apartment owners, managers and tenants with the finest laundry service available.  Being one of the oldest and largest company in our industry, we have never forgotten our sole purpose; Customer Satisfaction.

Q: My washer stopped working? How long will it  take for a service personnel to fix it?
A: In most situations your washers will be up and running within 12 hours. We maintain a large radio dispatched service fleet throughout Southern California. Our fleet is manned by Bondy trained professionals, who are on call seven days a week.

Q: What is the best time to call Bondy services?
A: You can call us 24 hours a day. Our phone personal works around the clock to provide outstanding service in a timely manner.

Q: How can I trust Bondy Service to send me the exact percentage of the collection?
A: At Bondy Service we satisfy our customers with our worry-free collections and accounting system. With this system, you  have the choice of  having non-resetable coin counters installed on each machine or having your representative witness the counting of the money from the machines.
Honesty, Loyalty and Trust have been a part of Bondy Service since 1951. We believe it’s the main reason for our existence today.

Q: How long after the collection will I receive my commission check?
A: The check will be mailed within 24 hours of the collections.

Q: I own multiple apartment buildings, can I  put all my buildings on one lease?
A: Yes, our goal is to facilitate all of your needs. If you prefer one lease for multiple buildings or to lease them individually, its no problem.

Q: Does Bondy Service provide Insurance for my laundry room?
A: Yes, we provide free comprehensive and liability insurance for all of our customers.

Q: How do I  talk to a person at Bondy Service, my question has not been answered?
A: Simply call us at 1–800–272–3508 or 818–988–6010

Q: Can I send a fax To Bondy Services?
A: You can fax us at  818–988–0570

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